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 Thursday 07/08/08

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PostSubject: Thursday 07/08/08   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:26 pm

evening all.... am just popping by quickly to spread some love and light to you all....

also to ask that you would all keep angie in your thoughts just now as things are really tough for her.

angie if you read this chick pea... i am with you hun x and i am here x love ya hun x

we have michelle and the baby here til saturday then our kids come back from their extended families on sunday... and a week left of their holidays then back to school yayyyyyyy lol

wishing you all a pleasant evening whats left of it

bless you all x

lou x flower

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PostSubject: Re: Thursday 07/08/08   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:34 pm

evening Lou and all.

Been on a wonderful day out today just me ,andy and the boys to howletts animal park to see my elephant i adopt and the new baby.

Then on to the coast in kent and ice creams, pizza and the slot machines.
Ross's words."thats one of the best days out ever" makes you feel great, they both thanked us for taking them out today wich lets you know how much fun they have had .

just got home and im exhusted lol.
Angie hun your in my heart,my thoughts and prayers, bless you hun and im here if you need me xxx
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Thursday 07/08/08
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