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 Lessons in life ~ SELF ESTEEM

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PostSubject: Lessons in life ~ SELF ESTEEM   Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:24 am

"A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. He makes his failure certain by himself being the first person to be convinced of it." - Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

Lack of self-esteem is a fairly common personal trait found in various segments of our society, with young and old. It can hold back our progress, put us under extreme stress, and make us feel generally bad about life.

It may have been building inside us for many years with the aid of bad thinking. Fortunately bad thinking can be replaced with good thinking. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, quickly replace your thoughts with a good image of yourself and your actions.

Be happy being yourself! It is much better to be you than to pretend to be someone else. We should accept that we are just human beings and forget trying to be perfect in the eyes of others. If those who are not superstars are cast out it will be a very empty world.

"The finest lives, in my opinion, are those who rank in the common model, and with the human race, but without miracle, without extravagance." - Michel de Montaigne (1553-1592)

Speaking out can be one of the most difficult things to do when bogged down with self-doubt. Some things to consider trying: Stop criticizing yourself. Don't be too careful about what you are going to say - just say it. Don't be too critical of others, and let people know that you feel friendly toward them. When you are stuck in a wordless situation don't worry about it. Relax, smile. Many others are in this boat with you, at other times and places.

Improving our lives in other ways will make it that much easier to improve our self-esteem. Try to eliminate worry, anger and stress by learning more about them. Work on positive enhancements to your life like friendship, relaxation, meditation, and purpose. As with any serious personal health problem consider consulting a health professional.

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Lessons in life ~ SELF ESTEEM
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