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 Saturday 11th April 2009 ~ message from the Oracle of the Grail

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PostSubject: Saturday 11th April 2009 ~ message from the Oracle of the Grail   Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:20 am


Wisdom, with her ability to discern right and true conduct, and her sense of worldly experience. moves nobly and serenly into your life. The answer(s) you are seeking require common sense and good judgement. You need to take the time to arrive at the best course of action by letting yourself get involved; by testing and trying and figuring out.

Do you live in a strongly defended ivory tower, far removed from the day to day business of life, or do you watch life go by from a safe distance, declining to engage? Are you distrustful of your own wisdom and ability to make decisions, because as a child your will, discernment and intellectual curiousity were effectively trounced by your parents, church, teachers or early care-givers? Perhaps you have some far memories (also known as past life recall) of the time you were burnt for being an old woman of wisdom and find it difficult to stand in the power of your wisdom?

All of life itself is the path of amassing knowledge. Living to the upmost allows you to hone experience into wisdom. keeping yourself in a tight, narrow little box, trying to live safe from hurt, pain or illness is the cowards way out and a living death. It is living fearlessly- not without fear, but facing and stepping through your fears that teaches wisdom. Stop protecting yourself from life! When you dance and sing life to the fullest your reward is wisdom in your elder years and the satisfaction of a life well lived. Your gift to the community is a wise old crone, worth well beyound her weight in gold!

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Saturday 11th April 2009 ~ message from the Oracle of the Grail
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