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 Allergies linked to phenomena~ ty Antam

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PostSubject: Allergies linked to phenomena~ ty Antam   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:19 am

There is increasing evidence to show that psychics or sensitives are more prone than others to suffer from allergies.
Poltergiest children in particulat tend to show allergic reactions.

It has been shown that many reactions are caused by hypersensitivity to electricity, in some cases sitting within a few meters of a light bulb will cause an allergic mugraine, lathergy, skin rashes, breathing difficulties or dramatic mood swings.

These same patients also showed the ability to affect electrical equipment, causing light bulbs to blow or inducing anomalous sounds on tv radios, they also have a hightened sensitivity to electricity.

allergies also have a connection with anger, and the anger can cause psychokinetic effects such as teleportation of objects and again electrical equipment interference.

Allergies alter the chemistry of the body, causing a force field that is in some way attractive to phenomena.

Welshman brian williams was so electric that he has only to hold light bulbs in his hand for them to light up.

Well what do you think?

Thought i would share as i suffer with many allergies and found this very interesting xx

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Allergies linked to phenomena~ ty Antam
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