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 Magical Fairies

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PostSubject: Magical Fairies   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:26 am

Queen Mab

Queen Mab originates from Irish folklore and despite her high status, acts as a mother to all the magical beings in her care, particularly the younger fairies who she will quite often be seen cuddling. Queen Mab is also capable of inspiring human dreams and wishes.

Queen Mab is said to have a devious side and is known to steal from humans, particularly cheese to adorn the tables of the fairies that she enjoys entertaining. She comes in the night and milks the cows of human farmers, disappearinf if anyone disturbs her in the thievery. Generally she is warm and kind, even if she does have a little bit of a dark side.

Queen Mab promotes affection and caring.

Sylph Fairies

Sylphs are fairies that originate in the work of the famous alchemist Paracelsus and the word 'Sylph' literally means 'butterfly'. They are found in peaceful areas of greenery where radiant flowers grow- they particularly enjoy flowers that are red and yellow.

Sylph fairies appear in the form of winged feminine figures that are almost transparent. They love to fly through the air and race with bees and other insects. It is only when they rest on top of a flower that they become truly visible and those who are lucky enough to have seen one report that they are very beautiful and magical.

Sylphs bring harmony and balance.

Aguane fairies

Aguane originate from Northern Italy and the Southern Slavonic & Austrian borders. They can often be found near streams, lakes and rivers where they act as guards to these places, protecting nature by challenging all of those who wish to pass over.

Aguane fairies have a startling appearance- they dress in animal fur and possess cloven feet. They are known for their fondness for children and they have been known to steal away infants from human parents to raise as their own in the Otherworld. The Aguane will sometimes drown mothers whom they believe to be neglectful of their children.

Aguane will protect and love children.

Green Children

The Green Children originate from English folklore. They live in hidden borrows under the earth and only come out during the day when everything is quiet and peaceful. They are extremely shy in manner and hide when others come near.

The Green Children speak to one another through the power of telepathy. Sometimes these thoughts can be heard just on the edge of awareness, if you listen closely. They speak about nature and they act as gardeners to the forest, helping plants to grow. They maintain and cultivate plants and trees with water so each and every one can blossom.

The Green Children provide growth.

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Magical Fairies
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