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 Magical Spirits

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PostSubject: Magical Spirits   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:30 am


Nymphs are ancient Greek spirits whose existence predates humanity's. They dwell in various places, including springs, streams, lakes, rivers, caves and grottos. They await those who pass by, longing to fall in love with those who are thought to be heroic and mighty.

Nymphs sing songs about those who have commited valorous and heroic deeds. They provide safe passage across the seas and are often called upon for help by sailors during a storm. Nymphs are loyal, to the point of being servile, but they can also be tricksters in nature, particularly to those who do not show them enough respect.

Nymphs encourage loyalty and respect.


Deva spirts are Persian in origin and the word 'Deva' means 'shining ones'. They can only be seen at night when their trailing lights illuminate the sky. These beings are especially fond of forests and woodlands where they enjoy interweaving between the trees to perform their dance.

Deva spirits appear only as pulsing points of light in the sky. They are always in groups, dancing with one another, around trees, animals, plants and humans and they will only appear when there is nothing to disturb them. The presence of humans is usually enough to scare them away, but some of the bolder spirits may attempt communication.

Deva spirits inspire insight and fun.


Vivien, the Lady of the Lake, has her origin in Welsh mythology. She lives in the depths of the dark waters where she uses her spells to sustain her sacred lake. She is a sorceress who bestows magic on others, but also punishes those who would use power for ignoble reasons.

Vivien appears as an etheral woman dressed in white. When she is summoned, she dances on the water's surface to gather her magical energies, which originate from the power of the lake. Vivien is the keeper of the legendary sword Excalibur, which King Arthur returned to her, and is known to destroy all those who seek the unlimited power it brings.

Vivien bestows enchantment.


The Lars originate from Italian Folklore. Their name means 'Lord' and they are said to be the spirits of dead warriors, dukes and princes, who died in heroic circumstances, fighting for their country and honoour. They are known to roam throughout castles and battlefields.

The Lars appear in coat of arms, holding a sword gripped tightly in their hands. They are fierce and harsh in manner but are noble and graceful in heart. They are known to avert danger and bestow blessings on those who are unable to defend themselves.

The Lars provide courage and bravery.

Puck is indigenous to Britain, but his legend had migrated to mainland Europe where he is known by many different names; Pouk in Germany, Puka in Poland & Pukis in Latvia and Estonia.

Just as he has many names, so also he has a variety of appearances and capabilities. To some he is an innocent child who enjoys playing with humans and fairies alike, whereas to others he is a trickster, hiding in the forest to cause mischief. The fact that he has so many different forms suggests that Puck is a shapeshifter- a magical being capable of changing its shape at will. Puck was immortalised in Shakespeare's play A Midsummers Night Dream. His love of mischief prompts him to put an ass' head on 1 of the humans he encounters, but his fun goes awry when Titania, the Queen of fairies, falls in love with the transformed human!

The term Elemental was originally used by the philosopher Parcelus and refers to a set of beings who are formed by and of the elements, Earth. Wind, Water and Fire. These magical creatures cannot be seen by the average human as only those with the gift of second sight are able to view them. Traditionally these beings have an uneasy relationship with humans.

One of the most famous elementals may have been Ariel from the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare. This magical being was capable of changing shape, flying through the sky at incredible speeds and creating visions out of air. Fire elementals are common and young children often believe that embers from a fire are really fire elementals that ahve been freed.

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Magical Spirits
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