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 Magical water based creatures

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PostSubject: Magical water based creatures   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:35 am

From all corners of the world there are folktales and myths about beings that inhabit the waters. All types of water, from wells, springs, ponds and lakes to rivers and streams, and of course the oceans. As well as being the great provider necessary for life, water is also a place of great danger. The seas are mysterious and awe-inspiring, with a power that humans could never hope to match or harness. It wrecks ships and takes people into its depths daily.


The Aulanerk is the name of a magical sea spirit who forms part of the cultural traditions and mythological beliefs of the Inuit people of North America. Unlike many of his fellow watery beings, the Aulanerk is peaceful and joyous, promoting calm waters and favourable winds for sailors and passengers. According to native American legend, the Aulanerk has a human form and dwells in the ocean. the gentle action of his swimming through his aquatic home is said to create the ocean waves.


The Kelpie is a malevolent water spirit found in the coastal regions of Scotland. It's favourable form is that of a horse, but it can also appear human; as a ragged old man or a handsome young whip. Usually it appears as a black or grey horse with a silky coat and flashing eyes, and rushes somewhere in its mane. The Kelpie appears to young women to seduce them and abduct them into the water to eat them; young men and children see them in horse form, enchating them with a ride and then galloping into the water with their helpless victim.

Blue Minch

The Blue Men of the Minch are unique to the Mich Passage in the Outer Hebrides islands, Scotland. When in their caves the water is calm, but when they swim into open water they call up terrible storms to wreck ships trying to sail through their passage. A clever captain can outwit them as they will always challenge him to a rhyming contest before sinking the ship, If the captain wins, his crew and vessel are allowed to leave unharmed.


The Liwa are evil water spirits who dwell in Honduras and Nicuaragua. They appear as white amorphous shapes under the water in their own underwater canoes. They drag unwary human swimmers to their doom and will capsizecanoes to drown the occupants. Liwa are known to inhabit whirlpools as well as rivers, where there is a better supply of victims. The Liwa may be driven away by a shaman, who performs a ceremony which involves burning the skin of an alligator, something bigger and nastier than the Liwa.


Mermaids are water spirits, women from the torso upwards and a tail of a fish instead of legs. In medieval times imagery they are usually seen sitting on rocks, singing, holding a mirror while they comb their hair. Seeing mermaids is considered an omen of impending disaster, but occasionally they are helpful. They're said to be able to take full human form for short periods of time, but need to return to the water frequently. Tales of mermaids marrying men and bringing them wealth or knowledge abound, but the girl always ends up returning to the water.

The Havmand

The Havmad is a benevolent merman found in Scandinavia, also known as Havstrambe in Greenland. It's name means 'Man of the Spring', and they are described as very handsome, of human form with green or black hair and beards. They live under the sea or in lakes and are sometimes seen in shoreline caves. There are also mermaids called Havfrue, who have long golden hair, that may be seen with the Havmand. They can be kind or cruel, and are said to predict important events when met, such as the birth or death of kings.


Found in the orkney and Shetland Islands, Selkies appear as humans, yet have a magic skin that changes them into seals. If a Selkie seal is killed by a sailor, its kin vents their anger with storms and shipwrecks. Also known as the seal people or fin folk they're said to be fallen angels that were too good to go to hell and so dwell on the coast between realms.

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Magical water based creatures
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