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 How to make a unicorn charm

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PostSubject: How to make a unicorn charm   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:40 am

The unicorn is a creature of myth and fable and remembered as a popular icon of medieval legend, but you can still harness its power to inspire and protect.

There may be times when you find yourself at the mercy of your anxiety and feeling tearful at the smallest thing. Worrying is literally negative thinking that could attract illness, accidents and other types of misfortune. Protection charms can help you to turn your luck around, releasing this destructive habit. Protection charms connect you to an inner reserve of power so that you glide effortlessly through difficulties; they empower you to trust that you are guided by spirit. The unicorn is such a charm reminding you of your spiritual purity. In medieval legend, the unicorn could not be captured except by a virgin girl. Sacred to the Maiden Goddess, it's horn is a symbol of the New Moon and of the undefeatable power of acting with integrity.

Implore the spirit of the unicorn its powers of purity and protection to bless your charm. This particular ritual should be performed at your altar.

Make your charm at the start of the full moon, on a Tuesday ruled by Mars, or a Thursday, ruled by Jupiter. As the full moon wanes your vulnerability will diminish and when its cycles waxes again your powers of defense will increase.

You will need:

a coloured candle, holder and matches
A unicorn charm
Amethyst and Turquoise
Cloves, ginger, garlic, sage and red chilli peppers.

Light your candle and say "Spark of light, divine and bright, flood my aura with your might". Pass the unicorn charm over the flame and say "I am an immortal spirit, none can harm me".

Place the charm in front of the candle with the crystals on either side; now use the herbs and spices to make a protective circle.

Leave the charm laid out on your altar for a full cycle of the moon, then take the herbs and spices to a sacred natural place as an offering.

The crystals and the unicorn charm can be carried in a small charm bag about your person for protection.

Choosing your coloured candles.

Yellow- For a young person or someone born under the sign of Leo.
Orange- choose if you are feeling lethargic during periods of stress.
Crimson- used to protect your sensuality.
Rose- good to use if you're feeling over criticised.
Sky Blue- helps you to reconnect to spirit and gain a realistic sense of perspective.
Green- use to protect physical or material items.
Purple- protective for travellers.
Silver- good for dispelling worry.

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How to make a unicorn charm
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