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 More mythical creatures

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PostSubject: More mythical creatures   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:45 am

Fire Drakes

Fire Drakes are a form of dragon from Celtic mythology. They live in caves where they guard hoards of gold for kings and queens who provide them with human sacrifices. Would-be heroes often attack fire drakes in the hope of winning beautiful princesses.

Fire Drakes are known for their bad temper, aggresive nature and ability to breathe fire. They are solitary and independent creatures who do not like to be disturbed from their slumber. In their dreams, they receive powerful images and messages that open out the future and as such they have a prophetic knowingness.

Fire Drakes represent aggression.


According to ancient Welsh mythology Cerridwen lives on a small island in the middle of Lake Tegid where she works her magic in secret. She is often to be found making potions that transform, inspire and reveal the future in her large black cauldron.

Cerridwen appears in the form of a crone, embodying the classical image of a witch. She is feared because of her power and her knowledge of ancient herbal lore, but she is also honoured for her inspiration, knowledge and intelligence in the art of magic. She is known as both a healer and as a poisoner; one should be cautious in approaching her.


Djinn spirits are Persian in origin and their name has many variant spellings, including Jinnee, Dgen or Genie. Sorcerers often spend their lives looking for these otherworldly beings, urged on by the prospect of harnessing their limitless magical energies.

Djinn spirits are formed of fire, appearing as smoking apparitions to those who invoke them. They are able to use enormous magical powers to grant wishes and can shapeshift into whatever form is desired. If not kept under control, the spirits have a habit of turning on those who summon them as they are always seeking freedom from their captors.

Djinn spirits will grant you wishes.


Elves are found in most cultures throughout the world and they live in small communities usually ruled over by a king & queen. The elves will live close to nature, the source of their magic, and as such can be seen in forests, mountains and hills.

Elves are contradictory in manner. Sometimes they can be quiet and very reserved and at other times they can dance, sing and recite poetry. Elves can be proud and fierce, but also calm and prudent and full of ancient wisdom. It is wise to be wary of their advise for they can trick and deceive, but most desire to guide those who encounter them.

Elves reveal the spirit of nature.


Dwarves are one of the most well-known of the magical beings and their origin lies in Germanic and Scandinavian folklore. They are said to live in castles on top of mountains or in caves under the ground. Either place will be adorned with gold and various precious jewels.

Dwarves only come out at night as, according to legend of some cultures, sunlight turns them to stome. They spend their days accumulating wealth by working deep within mines prospecting for gold and other precious metals. Dwarves are famous smithies, capable of forging magical weapons that can be used to slay ferocious beats and monsters.

Dwarves govern wealth and prosperity.


Merlin originates in Welsh mythology where one of his ancient names in Emrys. he is known as a magician, a seer, a prophet and a sage. There are many myths that surround him, including that he ages backwards to be able to tell the future to those who agef forwards.

Merlin is said to be the wisest sage who knew all secrets of the past, present and future. He would often counsel those who came to him, providing divination and magic to those who needed it. He asked for something in return, but never specified what that should be. He is known to control dragons and otherworldly beings.

Merlin governs prophecy.

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More mythical creatures
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