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 The Ancient Forest of the Elves~ ty Garwulf

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PostSubject: The Ancient Forest of the Elves~ ty Garwulf   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:46 am


Just saw this part of the boards and thought I would make a post. I am mildly interested in fairies in general but of all the fey folk it is the elves that totally capture my imagination. Several years ago just after I made the decision to become a Witch and a Wizard; I also decided to embark on a life quest. I meditated on it and after speaking to my spirit guide Stan the Badger I decided to search for the Ancient Forest of the elves. I had whilst growing up always felt that the hidden folk where all around us and as I have been able to do more research I have confirmed my belief. As my research grew more sophisticated I learned of the Elven and fairy power to project glamour. Glamour is the ability to use magic to alter how others perceive things and this works even better on humans whose minds have been closed by reason and logic. This has allowed the Elves to live amongst us without been seen or discovered.

England has a rich history of fey and human interaction and this has been bolstered by the Vikings and Saxons each of whom brought new stories and legends of the fair folk. It would seem that the Elves once wondered from coast to coast in the days when England was covered by forest and ancient woodlands. I grew up on stories of Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Kobolds, Brownies and Bogarts. I learned of their meetings with humans and their wars with each other and creatures of evil. All in all I was inspired.

So now I am looking for their ancient home the Forest of the Elves. I am sure that it no longer exists in this realm but in another possibly Alfhiem the mythical realm of the Elves. If it does still exist on our world it is only in the deep and wild woods where our realm overlaps with the realm of the elves. At certain times such as Mid Summer and Yule their realm and ours become very close and people can physically cross over. At other times of the year we can only see this realm in our dreams and through astral travel. My quest is for more information on the Elves of the British Isles, Northern Europe and Iceland. If any of you know any legends about the Elves then please let me know I already have several good friends looking for information a few more would be nice.

Blessed be


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The Ancient Forest of the Elves~ ty Garwulf
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