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 Practising Dream Healing

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PostSubject: Practising Dream Healing   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:58 am

Dream Healing

The Greeks were 1 of the 1st civilisations to realise the healing nature of dreams. The Greek god of healing, Asclepios, would visit a sick person in his or her dreams if they visited his sanctuary in Epidavros, either curing the illness or giving instruction for treatment.

Today, dream therapists believe that lucid dreaming can be used to mobilise your healing energy towards areas in need of treatment. Learning to harness the power of your dreams to help your body fuction better is certainly an attainable goal. Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind in order to reprogram the way your body works; for example; this can help if you want to give up smoking. Dreams can be used in a similar way.

Recuperating Dreams

Your dreams can help to boost your physical and emotional health. You might try to activate your body's natural defences, making your immune system stronger. Healing dreams can also help if you're feeling feverish. Usually when you succumb to a fever you will experience intense dreams, but if you can attempt to become self-aware during your delirium you may be able to help your body right itself and break the fever. Dreaming can also be used as a preventative method- if you focus on your good health in your dreams, then the positive energy flowing through your body will become evenly distributed, stopping you from succumbing to illness.

Your dream healing session


Calmly sit in your room for 5 minutes before you go to bed. Begin by trying to visualise what you are trying to achieve- it may be that you have a specific illness that you wish to focus on, such as a stomach ache, or it may be that you want to feel more energised and healthy on a general level. If you have a specific pain, imagine it as a red pulsing ball of energy and focus on where it is in your body. If you are looking for general healing, then try to visualise your body surrounded by a red glow.

Find a peaceful location

As you fall asleep, imagine yourself in a peaceful environment such as a woodland clearing, with a sparkling blue, flowing fountain in the centre (running water has more curative properties than still water.) Approach the fountain and hover your hands over the trickling water to try and feel it's cleansing and soothing energies. Feel your hand enter the cool and refereshing water and then begin to conduct your ablutions- if you have a specific pain you could focus on that area or you could immerse yourself totally in the pool for general healing. Concentrate on how revitalising the water feels on your skin and how it leaves you feeling totally revived and ready to deal with anything that life may throw at you.

Red Energy

Splash the red areas with the cool blue water and watch as the colour slowly fades away leaving your body glow with perfect health. Stay in the pool for as long as this process takes and continue to bathe in it afterwards, as you absorb even more positive energy.


When you are awake you should feel immediately revived and refreshed; however do not be alarmed if this doesn't happen immediately. Your body takes time to adjust to new healing processes and you may require several sessions before you begin to feel the benefits. Be aware of what treatment works for you, and make changes to add in elements that you feel may be beneficial to your particular situation. After a few sessions you will begin to experience the healing power of your dreams.

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Practising Dream Healing
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